Marketing can be complicated. With more and more channels and ever-changing consumer behaviours, it can be difficult to keep up.

Many marketers and business owners find themselves stuck trying to achieve better results; they either don’t know what they should be doing or they don’t have all the right people to bring their ideas to life. They often look to agencies to support only to find the larger networks are faceless and expensive and the smaller agencies can’t offer the agility or depth of service they require.

We believe it’s time for a new agency model. We want to simplify the process. We aim to be completely transparent in what services we offer, as well as how our pricing works. We’ll listen carefully to what you need, hand-pick the right people to deliver against your requirements, and then work flexibly alongside you as an extension to your team.

Our clients have direct lines to the people who are working on their projects; meaning you can brief the team, ask questions, or just say hello, any time you want.

Our unique advantage

JTHN is home to a core team of multi-skilled specialists, but with a unique competitive advantage for our clients; access to our curated network.

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What is the curated network?

Our founders spent years building a network of proven consultants, designers, marketers and agency partners. The unique JTHN model gives our clients access to this curated network of specialist skills – providing scale, agility and expertise when and where you need it. 

This curated network means we are perfectly placed to support businesses both large and small. We can offer the same depth and breadth of services as the giant networks, but with the personality, structure and process of a smaller specialist agency. Our clients still always work everything through with the core JTHN team, but can rest assured knowing that they are supported by a flexible network of experts as and when required.