In the current period of uncertainty we’re all living in it is essential that businesses remain transparent and constantly communicating with their customers. Good public relations are key in maintaining confidence from existing and future customers. If you have an established profile then using social media is one of the quickest routes to achieve this.

Many businesses have been left confused as to whether they should publicly discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and share how their company is dealing with the situation, or avoid referencing it entirely. Here are some recommendations on how you can keep your customers updated and avoid confusion by using social media:

1. Opening Times

Earlier this month Google published guidelines on how to ensure business details remain up-to-date during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following on from these guidelines, on Monday Google’s CEO announced additional work they are undertaking in response to the crisis. One of which is to display more accurate information on current business status more prominently in Google search results and map listings.

Therefore it is essential that you update any changes to your opening hours where they’re currently listed, not just on Google My Business. As conflicting information can be even more detrimental. So review the opening hours on your website and social media profiles to ensure the information is coherent.

Opening times listed on a Facebook business page.

2. Hygiene

A major concern for everyone at the moment is unnecessarily coming into direct contact with others. Whilst this won’t affect businesses delivering services remotely, it will have a drastic effect on those businesses who require customers to visit a physical location or visit a customer’s property to deliver a service.

If you fall into the latter then using social media is a great way to demonstrate that you’ve recognised this concern and the actions you’re taking to reduce any risk for your consumers. If you have workers installing physical products then you can share photos and posts highlighting that your staff are disinfecting tools before using them. Or perhaps how your store is being deep cleaned by staff frequently throughout the day.

Facebook post by a business demonstrating how they're remaining hygienic during COVID-19

3. Service Changes

Has the Coronavirus outbreak affected more than just opening hours. It could be that delivery times have had to change due to sudden high demands. Or perhaps low staff numbers are resulting in a delay in response times for enquiries. Only yesterday online grocery store Ocado suspended it’s entire delivery service as a result of product availability.

Social media is another great opportunity to liaise with your audience and make them aware of the current situation. By doing this you’re avoiding frustration and enabling customers to be empathetic to your situation.

Screenshot of Access temporarily suspended to
The internet has always been one of the primary sources for information. During this pandemic where the situation changes daily it is now more important than ever that the information we provide is accurate and continually updated.